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El baúl de los recuerdos (2003-2004) Friends and copains

The life of..... ANA MARÍA MATUTE

    She was born in Barcelona on 26th July 1926. She was the third of five siblings. When she was a girl, she liked the theatre, going to museums, nature, etc. She drew and wrote stories. Her father gave her a puppet theatre and she went into the theatre inventing different plays. In summer the family went to the village of Mansilla. There Ana María learned to love the forest, the flowers, the river, etc. She was ten years old when the Spanish Civil War broke out. This event changed her life totally and changed her small world too. She found misery, fear and she saw sad and violent things. She was twenty-five years old when she won her first literature prize.  She has different prizes, for example, Café Gijón prize in 1952, Premio Planeta in 1954, etc. She had a son called Juan Pablo. For him, when he was a boy, and for you Ana María Mature wrote her stories.

María Ángeles Vilches Cabezas (1º Bachillerato)

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